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Testimonials from Listeners & Viewers

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"All the shows are great and very inspiring." ~ Sally

​ A Magickal Journey Show: "Rev. Bryan Rawls puts the psyche into psychic! Ok , I know I might sound like a bit over the top, and I know that psychics are not supposed to be 
accurate 100% of the time, due to people's free will.... but he's never been wrong, yet! AMAZING!!!" ~ Stephanie

"A Magical Journey Show (with Rev. Bryan Rawls) is a great way to describe my journey... magickal. Thank you so very much for your guidance and the strength you shared with me 
to continue with my growth inside. It's OK to say YES!" ~ Lanell

The Spiritual Insight Show :  "Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman is so gifted and 
I love her shows. She has helped me so much." ~ Maureen L.

“I just want to start off by saying how much I enjoy the Spiritual Insight Show. From the 
first time that I have watched it, until now it has brought joy and enlightenment into my 
life. I look forward to watching it all of the time, and try not to miss a show. While 
watching, it brings me peace and happiness. Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman's  
healing was such a great experience. I've felt things I have never felt in my life before and  the second healing was just as great. When I got my first reading done on her show, it made me so happy and incredibly joyful. Hearing her say those things was so amazing and 
hearing it from her made it even better. She is such a lovely person and I enjoy being able 
to be part of her show and life. I am grateful for all that she has done for me and my family, and letting us all be apart of this together.” ~ Tammy B.

A Magickal Journey Show: "Rev. Bryan Rawls is so caring and the real deal. I can't say that enough. He really talks with your guides, is ready to help you understand your gifts and he shares the information compassionately. He sees the gift in all of us and carries messages from Ascended Masters, guides, Native Americans and Star Beings, to help us on our journey." ~ Joy M.

The Jimmy Mack Healing Show: "On April 16th I called in to the show. The guest speaker
 that night, Dr. Michael L. Mosley, said for me to look on a shelf and I will find a gift 
to get rid of. Well lo and behold the next day I was organizing and "spring cleaning" 
and I found a mint condition first edition Sports Illustrated. I immediately got 
goose bumps when I found it, just knowing this is what I was meant to find. My dad was 
in advertising at Time Life and sold advertising for this very magazine. I was so touched it brought happy tears to my eyes. More proof that miracles happen every day! 
Thanks for all you do!"  ~ Sarah T.