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Testimonials from Listeners & Viewers

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"All the shows are great and very inspiring." ~ Sally


"Tiffany, the owner and producer, is a dynamic amazing person who leads her team with compassion, strength, courage and pride. This team of amazing Healers, Readers, and Channellers are all highly guided by Spirit with compelling messages that sooths your soul. 
The support of this dynamic team is a treat and I am proud to call them a part
 of my Soul Family.

Come join us for a show and think about participating in the Spiritual Message Circle  which 
is held twice a month and with a small donation you can experience a mini reading from 
them all to get a taste of the care and love you receive with each detail in your message. 

I went through a deep loss when my father passed away in October of 2020 and without this team of beautiful Souls, I wouldn't have gotten through it. I had support while I was giving 
him palliative care at home, when I stayed with him at the hospital and 
when he passed away in my arms at home. 
I highly recommend the whole team because they are all that great!

 From time to time they have special guests on their own regular shows so that makes it even more fascinating and compelling to be treated with so many talented people who share their gifts with such care and enthusiasm. 

 The Love is magistical and if you are seeking a place to lay your head, to get support, to learn, to be heard, to feel you belong, you have found your sacred place right here with this beautiful team at Goldylocks Productions. 
So come on, take an hour out of your day, sit back relax and enjoy the show!" 
~ I am Anna from NB, Canada giving you a small glimpse of amazing times with 
this awesome team!


​"I watch you all more than Netflix!" ~ Amy Lasch


"Everyone gives so much of themselves to help others.
Thank you all for being blessings to all." ~ Marcia Morse


"Awesome channel! Love all the show hosts: Tiffany, Paige, Laura, Melissa, Sarah, Ruth, 
Robyn and Carolan. Love all the shows!"  ~ Samir (Sam Sam) Shanbhag


The Spiritual Insight show :  "Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman is so gifted and 
I love her shows. She has helped me so much." ~ Maureen Lansing

"The Spiritual Insight show is AMAZING!!! Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman presents many
 new ideas and perspectives in the topics she talks about. She never fails to make me stretch 
my brain and wrap my head around new concepts. I love this show!!!"  ~ Ruth Soltman

 "I have been watching Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman's show for many years, and each 
week I learn something new! She not only is a great teacher and leader, but she is also such a compassionate and loving person. She gives fantastic readings that always leave me feeling 
so great at the end!! Tiffany has helped me so much along my journey and I'm incredibly grateful. She has many gifts and it is wonderful to see how Goldylocks Productions has 
grown so much. Tiffany inspires so many people." ~ Sarah Ingraffia

"Reverend Tiffany White Sage is the master that keeps everything flowing behind the scenes! Not only does she do production but her shows on Sunday are uplifting. She covers topics that are current in everyday life with greater explanation and different perspective. 
 She gets interesting guest for special shows and is so talented in everything. Goldylocks Productions has made a huge difference in my life over the past year of healing 
and expansion."  ~ Kim Smith

"To begin my new week is a blessing to tune in with Rev. Tiffany for calmness, support, guidance and love in all areas of my life!" ~ Marcia Morse


"Sarah Ingraffia's show, The Golden Sunshine Healing Hour is fabulous! I love that she 
creates all natural products that are beneficial to everyone! Her readings are superb! It's beautiful watching her grow and evolve right before our eyes!!!"  ~ Ruth Soltman

"Sarah Ingraffia has great insight and is getting better each show with her comfort and explanation of the messages she receives. I look forward to seeing more in the future."
~ Kim Smith


Robyn's Cosmic Soul Food  show ~ "Robyn McGuire's mediumship abilities are absolutely astounding. She never fails to connect with lived ones and deliver a pertinent message. Her charm readings are one-of-a kind! It's the first time I have seen anything like that. They are ALWAYS spot on!!!"  ~ Ruth Soltman

"Robyn brings such a unique and fun way of doing readings on her show, Robyn's Cosmic Soul Food. She amazes me with the many gifts that she has. Charm readings and past life readings blow me away every time she does them. Robyn has such a big heart and she has so much to offer. I love how Robyn adds so much excitement into her show, and I enjoy watching it. 
Getting to watch Robyn grow has been so beautiful to see. She has come so far and I'm very proud of her!" ~ Sarah Ingraffia

 "I love Robyn's messages and charm readings. She is so positive and has really helped me realize how many of my family is with me all the time. Very gifted." ~ Kim Smith

"Robyn is fun, shines her light and I always leave her broadcasts feeling better." 
~ Marcia Morse


 "I love Ruth Soltman's show, The Transformational Soul. Ruth truly inspires me so much not only with her show, but by her loving, kind and caring soul. I have learned so much from her. 
I have read 2 out of her 4 books, and they have helped me tremendously. I enjoy giving her books to those that I know will benefit from them. No words can describe how deeply Ruth 
has truly touched my soul. Ruth is definitely very talented in all she does!! 
She also does amazing Reiki sessions. 
Ruth is such an inspiration to me and so many others!" ~ Sarah Ingraffia

"Ruth Soltman is so talented with her book writing and messages on her show. She has helped me become a more compassionate balanced person over the past year. She has helped me 
learn to tell my story and be more comfortable with me.  I look forward to more books and messages in the future!"  ~ Kim Smith

"I love Ruth! This woman truly speaks from her heart. I look forward to her broadcasts every Wednesday since I found Goldylocks through Melissa Parks." ~ Marcia Morse


 "In the Psychic Flow  show ~ Carolan Carey's show is AWESOME!!! She is an AMAZING 
medium and delivers her messages through her great sense of humor. Love that she is expanding her abilities with crystal ball readings!!! So cool!!!"  ~ Ruth Soltman

 "Carolan Carey's show, In the Psychic Flow, is truly one of a kind. I have loved watching her show from day one. Carolan is so gifted and it is beautiful to see how she brings comfort for so many people each week. Not only can she bring messages from your loved ones, but when she uses her crystal ball it is out of this world!! I really enjoy it. I've had the pleasure of having a reading with Carolan before and her readings are spot on. 
She is very gifted and accomplished."  ~ Sarah Ingraffia

"Carolan Carey is amazing with the details she has on the family members she talks with. 
 I am always amazed and happy to hear what I need to receive. My messages always seem to resonate with what I am going through." ~ Kim Smith


 "Joyful Findings show with Melissa Parks is a FANTASTIC show! Melissa taps into your energy and can tell you things that will AMAZE you! Her messages are always spot on. 
She always delivers a powerful message. 
And her spirit-inspired art work is so beautiful!!!"  ~ Ruth Soltman

"Ever since the first time that I watched Melissa Parks' show, Joyful Findings, I have been hooked! She amazes me with how quickly she receives information, and it is always spot on. She gives great messages. Melissa's love vibration can be felt worldwide, and to me that is so amazing!! The way Melissa connects with people every week is truly inspiring. She also is very creative when it comes to her paintings, and I love seeing them. Melissa is very skilled in so many ways." ~ Sarah Ingraffia

 "Melissa Parks has such high energy and always deliverers a positive message. She is so talented in many ways. I always get a boost from her shows." ~ Kim Smith

"Melissa is the best way to begin your weekend on Friday nights! Her energy is the bomb! 
I love her dearly and has helped me with her guidance for many years."
~ Marcia Morse