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Do you have a business in the Holistic Health, Healing, Metaphysical, or Spiritual profession? 

Would you like to have your own weekly, one hour Podcast, Radio or TV Show?

Host your own 1 hour, weekly Podcast, Radio or TV Show with Goldylocks Productions. We have a fantastic Team of Show Hosts and would be honored to have you join this Elite Team of professionals. 

Goldylocks Productions will produce your own Live internet Podcast, Radio or TV Show.  We have experience with these programs in the past for TV: GetVokl, BeLiveTV, Facebook Live, Livestream, Ustream, Wirecast. Currently we are using Crowdcast and Periscope for our Live Streamed TV Shows. 

For Live Podcasts and Radio, we currently use Free Conference Call. (FCC)  

It is required for you to have one of the following experiences: a former or current Podcast/Radio Show Host, Public Speaking, an active Teacher or Presenter. This includes online video presentations such as webinars, telesummits or your own personal spiritual presentations. 

Sure, you can pay for and produce your own Podcast, Radio or TV Show. The monthly Membership fee covers all Production, Storage for Archived Shows and Promotional costs. You will have the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly in the background while you concentrate on your show, your spiritual platform, and share your Love and Light to all that are ready to receive!

If you are interested in proceeding, an interview with the Producer will need to scheduled. Contact the Producer via email.  

Goldylocks Productions Packages:

Podcast and Radio Show Host  ~ $50 (USD) a month. 

TV Show Host ~ $75 (USD) a month. 

Marketing Packages  ~ $25 (USD) a month, $50 or $100 a month. 
Promote your services or small business by Marketing with us. Sign up on our Patreon Site. The Tiers are listed on the right hand side. Click on the 'Marketing Package' (1 of 3) that best suits your marketing needs. 
Terms of Service: You will receive a weekly, one hour live show, archived show storage, as well as marketing and promoting of your show. Regardless of how many shows you have a month, the monthly fee will remain the same. This is a month to month service with no contract. Cancel anytime. No refunds. By signing up to this service, you agree to these terms. Show Hosts will receive a Member's Manual with detailed instruction on their role as a Show Host with Goldylocks Productions. 

"Anybody wanting to host their very own Spiritual Radio Show should sign up with Goldylocks Productions! It's absolutely Fabulous and Rewarding to be a part of Team Goldylocks, so definitely look into it!!!!"

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls, Host of 'A Magickal Journey' TV, Podcast & Radio Show on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET.

"I am so blessed having the gift of a Medium. I love what I do. 
I am grateful for Goldylocks Productions."

~ Ivana Figueiredo, Host of the former Podcast/Radio Show: 'The ButterFly Medium' 
"If you think you can record/arrange/organize/produce/create and run your own switchboard and produce your own radio show….I want to wish you good luck…you will spend 10 hours for every one you broadcast….if you know you need help/contribution from someone who knows exactly what’s going on and has over a dozen clients just like you, you need this service period, end of story. The fees are nominal, the support is without equal and loving kindness exudes in every interaction with everyone in this group! Rev. Tiffany goes above and beyond to help you and to keep things running smoothly. If you have a question or concern, you need only ask her and she’s very responsive and professional.  If you need a sign from God if you should be with this group or not, this is it!"​

~ Jimmy Mack, Host of 'The Jimmy Mack Healing  Podcast/Radio Show on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET.